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What is the ideal net worth for my age?

This is a common question for those starting to invest, and there are many ways to answer that. Below, we'll show you a simple formula that is often used by many financial advisors, which takes into account your age and standard of living.

  • Ideal Net Worth = Monthly Expenses x Age x 12 x (10% ~ 15%)

For instance, if you are 21-year-old with a monthly expense of $1,500.00, applying this formula we would have:

  • Ideal Net Worth = 1,500.00 x 22 x 12 x (10% ~ 15%)
  • Ideal Net Worth = $37,800.00 ~ $56,700.00

In summary, for a 21-year-old person who has a monthly expense of $1,500.00, the ideal net worth is between $37,800.00 and $56,700.00.

We know it is difficult for people on their early 20's to already have this much equity; people on this age are usually studying or starting their professional life, but this formula is just a basic parameter.

Examples for $3,000.00 monthly expenses

Age Ideal Net Worth
20 years old Between $72,000.00 and $108,000.00
25 years old Between $90,000.00 and $135,000.00
30 years old Between $108,000.00 and $162,000.00
35 years old Between $126,000.00 and $189,000.00
40 years old Between $144,000.00 and $216,000.00
45 years old Between $162,000.00 and $243,000.00
50 years old Between $180,000.00 and $270,000.00

For more simulations, feel free to use our calculator below.

Ideal Net Worth